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Mysterious, yet familiar compositions by Brooklyn-based artist, Charles Wilkin.

According to his artist statement:

The immediate nature of collage along with the diverse mediums and improvisational assembly techniques I employ replicate the frenetic world we live in. By affording nothing more than filtered reflections my work is able to remove itself from the expectations of reality and aesthetic, relying rather on instinctual analysis as a means to critique our environment.

An exhibition featuring the artwork of Oneonta native John Byam is currently showing at the Andrew Edlin Gallery in Chelsea until March 16.

Byam, 82, is a very prolific, self-taught artist who creates out of a desire to produce work that reflects his life and the culture surrounding him.  He continues to produce work from his residence in an assisted living facility
in upstate NY.  This exhibition is his first in NYC and is only the second solo presentation of his work in public - ever.

A must see.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Edlin Gallery, but the top one of Man with Glasses was taken by :)

By Santa Fe sculptor and witch, Erika Wanenmacher.

Otherwise known as the Ditch Witch, Wanenmacher has spent the past few years making sculptures from found objects she picks up on her daily walks along Acequia Madre (“Mother Ditch”). 

The middle images above are from Wanenmacher’s wall of spells, which contains an assortment of curiosities assembled in various ways, mainly booze bottles filled with charms made of other discarded items.  According to Wanenmacher:

The objects that I pick up carry a resonance of where they came from, who had them, and how they were used.  The Sufi word baraka describes it well.  It refers to meaning transferred by proximity or love or the flow of grace… I realized quite a while back that the sculptures I made were basically spells.  When one makes a spell, intent comes first, directing the energies… If the intent was very clear about what I wanted people to think about in my work, that is by definition magic: the art of changing consciousness at will.  Hence the spells.  I tend to think of myself as a culture witch, as my sculpture is my magical practice.

Photos taken by at the recent Outsider Art Fair in Chelsea.